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   To lay a foundation of emotional intelligence in children
that will equip them
an increasingly complex and challenging world.




  Kids at Heart understands that the environment
in which a child grows up 
   can either starve or nourish his / her self-esteem.

        Therefore, Kids at Heart aims to provide the basic
       Emotional Intelligence tools
for parents and educators 
to enable them to 
promote a healthy self-esteem
within children in their care.

       As a programme, Kids at Heart offers tools that
easily translate into action.

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Daniel Goleman says,
"Children on average are growing more lonely and depressed,
more angry and unruly, more nervous and prone to worry
and more impulsive and agressive.
It is accompanied by alienation, drug abuse, crime,
violence and bullying.
It is becoming very apparent that a rising IQ
accompanied by a dropping EQ is the problem.
It is thereore no more merely an advantage
to develop the EQ skills of children -
It has become anabsolute necessity!"





“The gift of self-esteem is
the greatest gift that can be passed on to one's children and is one of the best predictors of personal happiness.”

David G. Meyers -
The Pursuit of Happiness

“Depression has increased ten fold amongst children and teenagers, over the

past 50 years.”

Martin Seligman - 

The Optimistic Child

Research indicates that
introduced into schools 
have shown significant
reductions in: 
vandalism by 50%   
anti-social behavior by 50%
 aggression by 40-50

Reasoner 1992,
Borba 1999

"I wanted to thank you so much again for the workshops.


I hope my feedback form conveyed my appreciation and respect for the wonderful work you are doing.

I really think that every parent out there could benefit !!”