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How will  your child benefit  from Kids at Heart Programmes?

1.  Emotionally intelligent children stand out!   
    Children who have the ability to manage their own emotions and understand 
    those of others, enjoy higher levels of self-esteem. This provides a
    foundation for achievement in all facets of life and avoids a bleak future
    that may result when emotionally ill-equipped children succumb to adverse    
    choices in a misguided search for happiness.

 A child's ability to empathize, persevere, control impulses, communicate 
make thoughtful decisions, problem solve and work with others, 
    earns them friends and success.

3. At school, 
they are more cooperative, able to resist peer pressure,
    more empathic and perform better academically. I
t is becoming apparent    
    that academic performance alone is not a great predictor of success.

4.  At work, they are more productive and they spur productivity in others.

5.  They make fewer visits to mental health and other professionals displaying 
     fewer psychosomatic and stress related disorders.

6.  Self-esteem, as a  preventative measure, is the armour that protects 
from the dragons of life: drugs, unhealthy relationships, delinquency…


"Faced with crisis
a man with character falls
back on himself."

  Charles De Gaulle

It is better to build up 
  the child ...

than to fix a broken

"It was wonderful to meet you yesterday and to know that there are people like yourself who are actively addressing this important issue.

Thank goodness for folk like you!!"


Jo Ashwell
   Principal, Monterey
    Pre-Primary School