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About the Trainer   

Valerie Bernstein
Principal Consultant, Kids at Heart

Valerie has worked in the fields of education, counselling and training
for over 20 years.  

In addition to being a Yoga teacher, a counsellor and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Valerie has worked as a remedial teacher and taught
Grades 8 -12 Biology. Valerie trained educators within various NPO and outreach programmes and facilitated workshops for South African Airways.
Valerie has run numerous self-help programmes and in 1992 she started
the first ‘emotions anonymous' group in Johannesburg, which still runs today.

Valerie relocated to Cape Town in 2004 and has presented Kids at Heart talks
and workshops at numerous schools and venues, as well as at The Parent Centre.
Valerie's ongoing study of the inner self and of self–esteem related matters,
reflect her personal quest towards emotional and spiritual growth.

Valerie brings this enthusiasm, along with years of experience as a teacher
a counsellor and a mother, to Kids at Heart.


Contact Details:

083 2 643 643

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  • "In a mature tree, a gash  
       here and a torn branch
        there is of little or no   

    But the smallest scratch in the seed, the slightest nick in the sapling, results in an irrevocable deformity - in a flaw which the decades to come will deepen rather   
              than  erase.” 

        The Rebbe

    75-90% of visits to primary care physicians in the US & Canada are due to stress-related problems.

    "I thought Valerie's presentation was excellent, and have had good feedback from all those I have spoken to.

    It was interactive and really gave all who attended the chance to actually learn some new and practical skills

    Janet Freemantle