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   What is Emotional Intelligence ?


“Emotional intelligence is our ability to
understand and effectively use emotions
to cope with ourselves, others and the environment.

 This implies that we have the ability to
effectively use emotions
to work for us and not against us.”

(Reuven Bar On)




Bottle it up


take to the bottle!

"Those who have identified themselves as ‘recovered alcoholics' indicate that low self-esteem is the most significant problem in their lives.

Low self-esteem is the true alcoholic's disease."

    Candito - 
Low Self-Esteem the True Disease 

“Prior to attending this workshop, I considered myself to be an attentive and involved parent.


Thanks to Valerie and her insightful and pragmatic programme, I was forced to admit and deal with the fact that I had fallen into

somewhat of a quick-fix trap with my kids.


Using some of the skills Valerie highlighted in the workshop, I've found that I am less distracted around my family, a better listener, and I hope a stronger support in helping my children to be emotionally strong and resilient.”

Ilana - parent