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   Who should attend?

•  Parents

  •  Educators

   •  Caregivers

                •  Healthcare Workers

•  Children

                                    Why Participate? 

          Around the world there is a groundswell recognising the power and 
         importance of emotional intelligence skills to identify, understand and    
    appropriately use feelings in today's complex and challenging world.(Nexus EQ)

  Kids at Heart provides the best possible tools for parents,
educators and caregivers
to enhance children's self-esteem and social skills to
enable them to flourish, as they deserve.

  •  The Kids at Heart Workshop amounts to a crucial fraction of
the time and effort over a life time,
that you will invest in your child's emotional intelligence.

              •  The purpose of these workshops is to be interactive and experiential 
 so that participants are not merely entertained,
feel empowered to take tools home and use them.


                             About the Kids at Heart Workshops


             •  Kids at Heart workshops are supportive, friendly and safe.

   •   Participants will take away…a fun time as well as…  
      Practical, effective, emotional intelligence
     tools that translate into action.  
•   Each workshop is skilfully designed to include: 
              plays, introspection, comics, handouts and some fun.

              •   Core material is customized for parents and educators, 
     but examples and exercises differ accordingly.


“Feelings are from your heart and what your heart wants to tell you.

Feelings are to be listened to – they are cues and signals that indicate where you are and what you need.”

Claudia Black

"In most classrooms 1/3 or more of students spend their energies compensating for feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy and rejection.

By implication, we are loosing 1/3 of our youth as productive citizens due to alcohol and drug abuse, depression, violence.
This should be cause for concern!"

Robert Reasoner- 
Past President of the International Council of

“I can't recommend Valerie's course highly enough. I had hoped to learn theory,

with some insight and a few tools to help me cope

with the children. 


But during the course I found my attitudes changing, stress levels lowering and noticeably happier children! 


Discovering EQ has begun a process of turning

my family from regular frustration and outbursts

into dialogue and understanding.

Valerie's passion shows throughout the course and together with the cartoons and excellently prepared material, the sessions were very effective and great fun.”